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Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. They use Apple technology to connect students to the world, fuel creativity, deepen collaboration, and make learning personal. 

In 2018, Nowra Public School hatched an ambitious plan to re-invent the teaching and learning environment at the school. We envisioned a technology rich learning environment, with each student having their own device with which they could complete their school work on. Our commitment was to fund the purchase and maintenance of iPads for every single student in our school, providing equity for all of our students.

Fast-forward to 2021, and we can see our vision has become reality, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we have done.

All of our students and staff have an allocated iPad, backed by a high quality wireless management system. Staff have undergone comprehensive professional learning, updating their skills to utilise the power and functionality of these devices, modernising their craft for our students and their future. This professional learning continues to this day. Our students respond to learning tasks with an ever increasing emphasis on creativity, extending our students’ thinking and proving what is possible. We see ourselves as a “Lighthouse School” in Learning with Technology. We are well placed to provide leadership for schools in the wider Shoalhaven region, and beyond.

Recently, our school has been tasked with adopting the “Learning from Home” model due to the global pandemic — COVID-19. Our commitment to, and expertise, in leveraging technology has allowed the school to achieve some incredible things during this time. From daily Zoom meetings to keep kids in touch with teachers and peers, to seamless learning task allocation, our students have not had to go without during a difficult time. 

In September 2021, we received a significant acknowledgement for our efforts in this space, earning designation as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021–2024. As a school, we are thrilled to be included in this group of schools, and recognised as a place of innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

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