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Apple Distinguished School (2021–2024)

We’re pleased to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021–2024 for our efforts in providing equity of resources for all of our students to promote creativity, critical thinking and content creation to demonstrate their learning.

Improving Literacy and Numeracy is the core driver of innovation at Nowra Public School. Staff are tasked with overcoming the inequity that comes with a socio-economically disadvantaged community. Visionary leadership introduced 1:1 iPad + Apple Pencil to resource our students and staff as part of sweeping pedagogical changes to better meet our students needs.

  • Digital media is produced by students to demonstrate their understanding of learning creatively. iPad is the learning companion; delivering access to information and providing the means to document learning experiences.
  • Teachers use the Apple ecosystem to collaborate, planning rich learning experiences. Teachers creatively tell their classroom story, connecting with community by sharing on social media platforms.

School profile

  • K-6 public school
  • Separate K-2 “Infants” and 3-6 “Primary” campuses
  • Approximately 575 students
  • Approximately 67 staff
  • 27% Indigenous enrolment
  • Low-socioeconomic community
  • Three Apple Learning Leaders
  • Dedicated Technology Support Officer

Apple products and services

  • 1:1 iPad + Apple Pencil for students and support staff
  • 1:1 iPad Pro/Air + Apple Pencil for teaching staff and executive
  • MacBook Air with M1 chip in all classrooms, iMac in learning spaces and Mac mini in administration offices
  • 75" LED TV with Apple TV in all classrooms, including meeting and conference spaces

Technology that supports the learning environment

Sphero Mini, Sprk, Sphero Bolt, Osmo, Blue Bots, full media kit for student media teams (DSLR cameras, microphones, etc.)


Our vision is grounded in student learning. Students’ curiosity is valued, nurtured and extended. Students are challenged and they are passionate about their learning, working hard to achieve personal goals. Using powerful classroom technologies, our students will creatively respond to real world problems, in an environment that supports teamwork, critical thinking and student voice.

Teachers efficiently and effectively collaborate to plan innovative, personalised and relevant learning experiences. Technology enables the redefinition of assessment practices in our school. Bespoke iPad learning journals give teachers rich, vibrant work samples through which to measure student attainment.

At Nowra Public School, “Learning is for me”.


At Nowra Public School we are all learners.

Content creation and critical and creative thinking is at the heart of learning at our school. Students respond to and capture their learning experiences using iPad technology. Digital learning journals give students the opportunity to showcase their understanding in creative ways, all the while capturing their personal learning journey. Using Apple Classwork students collaborate with their peers and teachers in real time, offering effective feedback and an enhanced authentic learning experience. Learning is mobile, students are given significant choice in their environment and task and can take their learning with them on the go.

Staff engage in regular, relevant and appropriately challenging professional learning, with student learning at the heart of decision making. A weekly “Learning with iPad” newsletter is created by our Digital Pedagogies Mentor, keeping staff updated and engaged, promoting useful learning tools created using Apple apps to enhance teaching and learning.

Our professional learning model with iPad has evolved from app-smashing to deeper dives and into pedagogy with teachers utilising the Elements of Learning as a reflective teaching tool to enhance learning experiences in the classroom. Learning journals are designed to support staff through school-wide professional development. Teachers motivate and support one another through collaborative programming and planning, ensuring high quality learning takes place in every classroom.


Teaching and Learning at Nowra Public School has fundamentally improved. iPad + Apple Pencil have enhanced students’ ability to capture, document and annotate their daily learning experiences. Students creatively demonstrate their understanding of the world, accessing the support of their teacher and peers through the ease of collaboration. Teachers have broadened the scope of lesson design, allowing students to respond via:

  • Green screen film making
  • Podcasting using Voice Memos, Clips and iMovie
  • Stop motion animation using iMotion
  • Coding for problem solving and critical thinking

Student agency enhanced our environment with the introduction of Apple Pencil and 3D printers for problem solving and creativity. Celebrating student success with the “Thursday Thinkers” initiative and our NAIDOC 2020 Creative Challenges eBook are just small steps on our journey forwards.

What’s next?

With the core business of Literacy and Numeracy in mind we continue to build a culture of inquiry and curiosity, inspiring students to produce high quality digital media to enhance learning and creativity. Our teachers will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in today’s classroom, innovating the learning experience further to build their students’ capacity and their own. We will authentically deepen our connection to community, solving local and global problems through collaboration, critical thinking and teamwork, having a direct impact on people, businesses and organisations. As content creation evolves into students publishing work to reach an international audience, the narrative of our school flourishes to become a rich text of its own.

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